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Full Version: Win2k Peer-to-peer + Linux/samba
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I have 2 win2k sp4 machines in a home network with
a linksys wireless router + dsl. non-DHCP.
static IP's in the private network.

they can share files via a peer-to-peer workgroup.

I just added a linux box to the happy family.

I have been able to transfer files
via smbclient to/from the linux box.

but I can't browse from either the windows
to the linux box (this I hear is easier), or browse the
windows boxes with the gnome window manager.

other people in the family would like not to have to
muck with smbclient, and I don't blame them.

Is it as easy as enabling something in my smb.conf, or
more insidious?

I'm running redhat fedora core 2, it came on the laptop

any help would be appreciated.

email appreciated in case I can't find this forum again.
The easiest way to browse the Linux Box is to create shares in smb.conf ... and create Linux users with the same username and passwords as on the Windows Boxes.

The share would be something like this:

 comment = Mary's and Fred's stuff
 path = /usr/local/shared/stuff
 valid users = mary fred
 public = no
 writable = yes
 printable = no
 create mask = 0765

(the directory has to be created ... the linux file permissions need to be such that mary and fred are linux users in a linux group that has write permission to the directroy ... and mary and fred also have to be Windows usernames ... and the Linux and Windows usernames / passwords much match)
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