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Full Version: Can I Run A Good Linux On This Computer
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I have a pentum 1 200 mhz computer with 64megs of ram and a 2.5 gig hard drive and i cant find a good linux for it can anyone help?
Vector Linux, Feather Linux, Damn Small Linux will run on that machine.

All these distros are supposed to run well on older machines.

I don't use them ... personally, I use either Gentoo or Debian stripped down with XFCE4.
When it comes to slower machines, I usually use Debian. My last server was a 486/66 with 64mb ram, and that was running debian 3.0 and was pretty good. However, when it comes to a graphical interface, you might want to stick with a stripped down WindowManager like Blackbox or even WindowMaker might work.

Perhaps the 3.3.x tree of XFree86 might be a little quicker on old hardware rather than using the 4.x tree. Can anyone else give any input into that?
I am big on only installing software that continues to get security updates if the machine is going to connect to the internet ... So I wouldn't recommend using a no longer supported version of XFree86. Here is what they say about the 3.3.x branch
XFree86 3.3.6 is no longer supported as of February 2002. There will neither be future updates nor fixes to this version, and bug reports and support questions related to this release will be ignored. This because despite our many attempts, the XFree86 Project could not fnd any interested in maintaining this branch, and so bowing to the inevitable, we have retired this series.

The oldest version of XFree86 that is supported is 4.3.x.

I use 6.8.1 on a Pentium II 233 laptop with 128mb of RAM and XFCE4 as my Desktop Environment (it uses xfwm4 as the window manager).

I think it works as well as what I used to have installed on that laptop (which was a fluxbox windows manager and XFree86 4.3.x).
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