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Full Version: Partition Issues
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ok, i have my xp partion on hda5, and a longhorn installed on hdb1. i read up on ubuntu on distrowatch, and after being without linux for a few week, though i would give it a try, after an error during install, i was left being unable to boot into anything. so i installed suse, which i am currently running. now, grub, when i try and load into my xp, it gives an error, and longhorn is not even an option. how can i go about either setting suse to access both of those, or prefferably just repairing the bootloader to get both of those back, or install another distro to fix them. any suggestions......thanks

(also my keyboard is set for german, expect yast says its for english)
You need to add entries to your /boot/grub/grub.conf file.

Your windows entries should look something like this...
title= Windows
root (hd0,0)
chainloader +1

If you don't know how grub references drives, it starts at 0 instread of 1, so hda5 would be (hd0,4).

That should work for you.
i changed the windows setting to (hd0, 4)
now when i try it give the error:

root (hd0, 4)
filesystem type unknown, partition type 0x7
chainloader +1

is there a way to bypass grub and get to the windows bootloader, or reset the windows bootloader to over write grub. i probally didn't pick the best time to do this, because i need acess to some of my windows programs. i only need to get into xp, which is on hda5.
Should be:
rootnoverify (hd0,4)

To restore XP bootloader you will need to boot using the XP install CD and select recovery mode. Then run the fixmbr utility.
i changed the grub setting to rootnoverify, but when i tried to load windows i got the screen :

chainload +1

and a blinking curser, thats it.

then i loaded into winodws xp recovery and ran fixmrb, now when i try and boot i get:

error loading opereating system

hmmm.....what should i do now? there is also a bootcfg within the recovery console, but im not sure how to use that....what should the os options be? also i cant access grub anymore, so i cant boot into anything.....thank goodness for knoppix! thanks for the help do far, but more is appreated!
This might help:
unfortionaly, that was unable to do any good, i had already reset the mbr, so i none of that work. i ended up reformating my linux partition to a fat32 using knoppix, then through phlak i trashered the files i needed from my ntfs xp partition to my fat32 on (knoppix woulnt let me for some only on fat32....phlak let me write), then reinstalled windows, and am trasnfering my files back to ntfs partition. i think i shold really run md5sum next time i go to install linux wink.gif......all is well now, althoug i did lose my longhorn, but thats no big deal.
Knoppix will let you read and write to fat32, you just have to mount it manually. If you just mount it by clicking on the icon on the desktop it mounts it read only. So next time, you can go ahead and use knoppix if you want. Just mount it from the command line manually.
ahhhhh gotcha. i'll keep that in mind...thanks!
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