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One more newbie question.

Are there any books you'd recommend for getting up to speed on Linux and Linux administration? I'm looking for a couple of good reference texts to have on the shelf. I've learned the hard way that what looks good in Barnes and Noble often isn't the best reference when you're seeing something odd on the screen or trying to figure out how to do something.

What do you guys go to (besides the man pages) when you need help?

Well Jim, I come right here. But I understand that isn't always the quickest place to get answers.

There is a thread around here somewhere on Books, let me go find it.

Here, Books For Newbies I know it doesn't sound like exactly what you want, but there are a lot of good books in that list.

Start there, or get more specific with exactly what you're looking for any maybe one of us can make a recomendation for you. But I would definitely say, keep bookmarked, if you run into a problem, just put it up here, we can almost always help you out of it.
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