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Full Version: System Won't Boot
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I don't know if this has ever happened to anyone but my system won't boot anymore after installing suse 9.1 and windows xp pro. The screen you see when you first turn on your computer--where the bios version is shown and the ide primary slaves etc etc is loaded.. this screen is screwed up.. it looks as if suse and windows are trying to load at the same time.

This happened after I divided the hard drive into partitions for suse 9.1 and windows. I installed suse first (i don't know why i did this).. suse was working fine.. i decdied to install windows after.. i reboot after installation and both operating systems wouldn't load. so i reintalled windows again but this time i formatted it as FAT (i don't know why i choose this filesystem) and then i reboot and the funky screen started loading.. i can't reboot.. i can't even load the bios setup screen

I have no clue what happened... i so confused... i dont know whether the harddrive is messed up or the motherboard... what should i do?

System specs:
amd althon 64 3000+
msi K8N Neo-FSR
msi geforce fx 5700
Ok I think my post was a bit too much...

i'll simplify my question... Can reformatting screw up the hard drive? I know that suse uses grub to modify the booting of the hard drive... can this destroy the hard drive?

btw, my hard drive is a ata maxtor diamondmax 9 plus.

Reformating might corrupt the partition table but I doubt that it would destory the drive. If you can not get to the BIOS setup screen then something else is wrong with the computer.

Try disconnecting the drive from the system. Can you get to the BIOS setup screen?

Can you verify that your monitor and video card are still good?
As michaelk said, formatting your drive shouldn't in any way affect your ability to get into the BIOS.

There is a bug with some Linux 2.6 kernels and WinXP on some BIOSes.
Thanks guys. I figured it out. It's the monitor--I'm not sure how installing linux affected it but after unplugging it and waiting for a few minutes.. the screen started loading fine again.

Sorry. I feel so stupid not figuring this out earlier.

Thanks for your help again.
I am having exactly this problem with my Gateway PC. My Gateway is a 300S which should in theory handle Suse Linux with no problem. However upon installing it on my secondary hard drive, my system failed to recognize that drive anymore. I thought that drive had croaked. So I installed a linux partition on my primary drive and attempted to install Suse Linux once again. This time my system won't even get past the boot up screen. I can't even get into my bios.

Now here's the kicker.. I can take either drive and put them on my roommate's dinosour of a computer.. This thing has a Cyrix 300 MHZ cpu if that's any indication of what a dinosour it is. Well anyway his system will recognize my drives. I fdisked one of them and installed XP on it.. His sytem handled it. I put it back on my system and the dang Gateway still won't boot up. I even took a step backwards and put 98SE on that drive, and it still won't boot up on my computer. However no matter what I do, my roommate's computer treats the drive as though there isn't a single problem. This is a good thing, I at least have a working computer I can run diagnostics from on the drives.

I did managed to scrounge up a 3 gig hard drive and attach it to my Gateway PC and it picked it up with out any trouble, so I know my Gateway isn't screwed. I have a hunch that Linux did something to the MBR that my Gateway's system bios don't like. I have a hunch I need to find a way to either delete or otherwise just trash my boot record so XP will create a new one that my Gateway will recognize. Well that's my hope anyway. If anyone has any idea's on what will help, please send them my way. I'm at my whit's end right now.
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