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Full Version: Installing.tar.gz
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How do I install a .tar.gz

Please keep it simple,
does it matter were I install it from i.e. does it install in my home dir if i do it from my home dir?
I'm using redhat9 but can't find an rpm for gphoto.

A tar.gz file is similar to a zip file in windows. When an application comes in a tar.gz file it is usually the source files needed to compile the application. The first thing you need to do is extract the files and the location is not important. Your /home/directory is ok. In a console window type in the following command:
tar -zxvf <filename>.tar.gz (replace with complete filename)

This will create a new directory usually the file name and all extracted files will be in that directory. cd into the directory. Look for a readme or install text file which should detail how to install the application. The usual steps are:
make install (Usually need to be logged in as root i.e. su)
gphoto2 is on your redhat disks ... or you can get it from here:

here is the developement rpm if you need it:
You don't want to install packages from source unless absolutely required, because they won't meet dependancies for future RPMs and you will have to start installing all items from source.
RedHat 9 is no longer supported (i recommend fedora core 2), bit if you want to keep RH9 I recommend that you at least start using the fedora legacy updates (see these instructions for installing yum). Once yum is installed and configured, use this command to get all the latest updates:

yum upgrade

you can then get all packages that are required as dependancies for gphoto2 with the command:

yum install gphoto2

You can look for programs with the command:

yum search gphoto

and get specific info once you know the name with the command:

yum info gphoto2

(you can substitute any package name for gphoto and gphoto2)
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