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Full Version: Ftp To Mandrake
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I wonder if anyone can help me with this. I am trying to ftp into mandrake and can't login as root. I have no problem as an ordinary user so I suspect root login has been disabled. Can anyone tell me how I can re-enable this?

Many thanks.
ftping as root is dangerous unless you are doing it locally ...

the username and password for logging in to an ftp server is passed via clear text, and anyone with a sniffer between the sites can see them.

Is it possible that you could connect between the two PCs using sftp (which is part of ssh). That is a encrypted connection.
thanks for the reply.

I am ftping locally just between two pcs on my home network. I accept the security issues, I just wondered technically what is cotrolling who can or can't ftp.
Ie Is ftp controlled by some config files somewhere and if so what and where. What would I need to change to allow root or anyone else to be blocked or allowed.

I suppose I just want to increase my knowledge of Linux !

Any ideas?

what version of Mandrake ... (I wasn't trying to be rude before, just trying to make sure you didn't open up your network to hackers smile.gif)
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