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Full Version: Mandrake 10 Login
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Sorry, newbie needs help. Looked in FAQ's and Mandrake site. Loaded ML 10.0 with KDE GUI on Celeron 333 128mb RAM. Everything went smooth and video and audio should be compatible. I did not enter any user names or passwords during install for users, but did give name only for security(but no password). Now on reboot, login screen wants name and password. Entered the security name but have no password to enter. What gives?
Thanks for any help. unsure.gif
try just typing "root" and the user name then no password that shsould get you in as long as you didnt create a root password durring install. then when your in create a username and password to use on a regular bassis, you dont want to use root all the time (for security and safty reasons) especially if your a newbie to linux, it will prevent you from accidently $*#&ing something up. (trust me it happens)
I believe that the problem is that the default Mandrake install will not allow root to login via the GUI display manager....

So now, what you need to do is press Esc at the lilo selection screen (when booting the machine) ... you be at a black screen and see the name of the bootable kernels ... usually linux is the default. ... at the prompt, type:

linux 3

You should boot to console mode ... where you should be able to login as root with the password you created on install.

Once logged in, create a new user with the the command:

useradd user_name

then create a password via the command:

passwd user_name

thne type exit and make sure the new user can login at the console .... if so, reboot (press Ctrl-Alt-Del) and login as the new user to the GUI.

It is possible to configure the system to allow root to login from the GUI, but you can do everything from Mandrake Control Center (it will ask you the root password when you enter) with root priviledges while logged in as your non-root user.
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