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Full Version: Best Distro For Performance Vid Crds?
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Hello again everyone. I am planning on building my own custom box and was going to put in a high end video card either an ati radeon 9600 or 9800 or a geforece 5700 or 5900, whichever I could get the best deal on. My problem lies in the video drivers available for these cards for linux. Is there a distro which already has good drivers for these cards? Or can I get drivers for these cards somewhere that I can use on my copy of fedora core 1? I just want to be sure that I have no problems with my hardware when i install and i want my video card to work as well as possible.

A distro which already has support for these cards is preferred because I wont have net access right away on my computer so it would be a lot less of a hassle to get everything up and running but if it makes no difference then I will try to work with the existing copy I have now.

If fedora does have drivers for these cards then which is better core 1 or 2?
any light to be shed on this will be grealty appreciated! Thanks!
The drivers for each of these cards (that is included with most distros) is the generic XFree86 (or 2D drivers.

Some distros (SuSE 9.1, Gentoo, Debian Sarge, Mandrake paid edition) allow you to easliy download the proprietary drivers with their normal update tool ... others (Mandrake free edition, Fedora, Slackware, etc.) require you to download the drivers from the websites and install them manually.

The Nvidia drivers are easier to install than the ATI drivers ... ATI has a slightly faster frame rate.

If you use a distro with a 2.6 kernel (FedoraCore2, SuSE 9.1, Mandrake 10.0 or 10.1, Gentoo, etc.) it will solve most of the Nforce2 chipset issues.
Thanks for the info...another question that you brought to my attention about the nforce2 chipset..are there any know issues with compatibility with the nforce3 chipsets? the motherboard i am going to use has the nforce3 chipset in it, so would it be better to use one of the distros you listed?? And when you said if i used a free version rather than buying a distro would i have to go to the card makers site to find the drivers or the linux distributors site? And where would i install the video drivers on my system? Thanks for your help!

nforce3 chipsets are not well supported in Linux right now (that is a 64-bit AMD Opteron processor). To be perfectly honest, I doubt that you will get any linux distro to work well with it right now (at least in 64-bit mode).

I wouldn't even try using anything except a 2.6.8 kernel (Mandrake 10.1CE, Fedora Core 2 {maybe even FC3rc3}, Gentoo 2004.2, etc.)

Here is the link to the driver software:

here is known problems:

here is the readme:

I have never installed this ... and it is cutting edge technology
Thanks for the info ...that should help me find what I need! I already ordered a copy of Gentoo 2004.2 for my amd 64 processor that I plan on using. The Gentoo site said that they had support for the nforce 3 chipset as well as proprietary nvidea graphics drives so hopefully I wont have too much trouble. Thanks for your help!

Looking in Gentoo portage (/usr/portage/net-misc/nforce-net), it seems that they do indeed support the 0283 driver for amd64 ... but there is no sound driver for amd64 in portage. The newest sound driver is the Althlon-XP version (0261).

That may not be bad ... maybe the amd64 2.6.8 kernel detects the audio and doesn't require a seperate driver.

Gentoo is probably the best bet...
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