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Full Version: Iso File Behavior
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In the process of installing RedHat 8.0, I downloaded ISO files several times into the Linux partition in directory /tmp/RedHat-8.0/iso. I also downloaded image files into /tmp/RedHat-8.0/images. The ISO files disappearded but the image files remained. I resolved the issue by downloading the ISO files on my Window98 partition and installing RedHat 8.0 by pointing the linux install app to the Windows directory. Does anyone know why the ISO files disappear after a certain period of time in the Linux environment?
I'm not too familier with Redhat 8.0, however, it sounds like there's a utility in Redhat that cleans out the /tmp directory periodically. It may check for files over a certain size and get rid of them. There's really nothing wrong with this, because by rights, stuff shouldn't sit in the /tmp directory too long anyways. After each reboot it should be cleared out, any important files should be stored elsewhere. It sounds like a pretty good idea for people who with large uptimes, they don't have to continuosly dump their /tmp before it gets overfilled.
Concur with tourettes: /tmp is the system scratch area and should be cleaned regularly.
If you want to store files for eg install use /opt and create a sub-dir for each one. Easier to tidy up later.
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