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Full Version: Couple Of Questions About Linux Please Help !
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I have these questions about Linux and I need professional help here...thanks...

1.What configuration utilities are available for Linux?

2.What kind of PCI bus are there? Which one is fastest? -need to know what the PCI bus, etc.

3.If you have a server with greater than 4 gig of memory, what software switch would be used to enable that memory?

Please help...thank you
1. There are many configuration tools included with the different distrubutions of GNU / Linux ... what you are trying to accomplish will determine which distro you would pick.

2. The PCI bus is the interface between PC cards (like a network card, video card, sound card) and the computers processor ... devices built on to the motherboard (one's that are not external cards) also go through the PCI bus. There is really only one speed, and it is 33mhz for modern PCs. (here is a link)

3. You would need to either pick an SMP kernel, or recompile the kernel with the memory selection set to 64GB (that is for all systems where the physical RAM is more than 4 GB). The kernel option that needs to be set (in the kernel config file) is CONFIG_HIGHMEM64G=y.

What do you want to use this computer for?
thank you for your help hughesjr, I thought it would be like that. I have $100 bid w/ a friend on those 3 questions.

Well as for question 1 it's all depends on which Linux distrobution. And for 2 I thought that would depends on the Motherboard for bus speed. Linux is software OS, so it wouldn't affect bus speed right...I

Well let me ask him which Linux is he talking about for question 1.

thanks though...any help would be appreciated....
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