I am trying to insmod ptserial.o and I get a slew of "unresolved symbol" errors. I have read that it is becuase the kernel version that I am running and the one for the .o do not match.

I want to know what the order of operations is:
i downloaded untarred and ran ./configure --with-hal=pct789
that worked after I finally installed my kernel's (2.4.22) source code

I ran make and make install and that worked

now I am supposed to :
insmod pctel
insmod ptserial

but the first one gives me the message that it was compiled with version 2 of gcc and my kernel used version 3 ??

and the second one as I mentioned gives me all these "unresolved symbol" messages??

i am a newbie and i need to be able to get to the internet while running linux so that I can come back here and ask more newbie questions

please help