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Full Version: Uninstall Before Reinstalling?
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I've read there might be problems if I reinstall a package without uninstalling it first.

Perl came installed by default with my Linux distro. Now I'm planning to install XAMPP (former LAMPP), which brings Perl too.

The question is: do I need to uninstall the current Perl installation before I install XAMPP?

If no, that's that.

If yes, do I just need to remove the Perl directory (which I imagine to be /usr/bin/perl) or do I need to use apt-get (--purge) remove <perl??> or dpkg --purge <perl??> or something of the like?

If yes, is this regardless of the versions? I mean, maybe if I'm not going to install the same version of Perl there won't be any compatibility issue... If so, how do I know what version my current Perl is?

Thank you very much for any help.
This issue has been dealt with successfully in
That is good to see .... I was installing XAMPP to see what might be required.

It seems to be fairly easy to install ... but I personally would rather use the versions that come with your distro. This would be so that you can quickly get security updates that are released.

The XAMPP project does look good, and it has cutting edge versions of the programs ... so it might be very responsive to security updates as well.

My install of CentOS has:

(all old compared to XAMPP) ... but there are security patches as necessary by RedHat Enterprise.
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