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Full Version: User Restrictions
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What i want to know is how do you set it so that i command if someone else is logged in they cannot see you logged on for example if am logged in as root and someone else is loggend in a a lesser user how do i make it so they cant see me ?

Also is there any way to restrict certain commands for example set one group and not let them use : ls or rm

you can configure 'sudo' which is really good...
or you can probably try changing the permissions
of the files you want to disallow access from certain users.
Ok looks interesting smile.gif thanks for the help ne ideas on how to be invis on who ?

I mean so that ppl with lesser priviledges cannot c me being online?
not sure
okies thankyou for your help much appreciated

ne idea how to tell linux to update itself from command line without going to the server ?

Can you clarify what you mean by update without going to server? huh.gif
if you are using redhat for example
and just want to update necessary rpms
that might have security fixes or bugs..or package enhancements
you can use up2date...
I think ma ybe we have a different idea of "server". After all, if you want to update eg up2date, it has to go to the RH server to get the updates...
Which "server" are you trying to avoid??
obviously he is trying to update his server without
having to sit in front of it.....he wants to do it
Well in that case he's got a couple of options if he's using RH.

1. The Redhat Network Daemon will go look for updates automatically if left running and attached to internet. (Personally I prefer more postive ctrl; see next)
2. ssh into the box and run up2date from the cmd line

I believe its even poss to run the desktop/gui from across the net/Lan, but i've never tried, so i won't comment further on that.
yes its possible to run the gui across a lan/internet using vncserver.
but there is not encryption of any for some data is sent in clear text.
yet you can use ssh with vncserver but i havent set it up that way..
although i have used vncserver but on my local lan...

i would just ssh and run up2date

to update / force all package updates

run up2date -fu and that will update your system
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