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Full Version: Red Hat 8.0 And The Internet
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Just installed and started running red hat 8.0. and was wondering how I set up the internet on my machine...

amd duron 1.0 GHz
524 meg ram
usrobotics 56k modem (at modem0 currently)
sony cdrw
memorex cdr
running 4 hard drives (2 under a maxtor ultra ata 100 card)
/dev/hda is a 13 gig
/dev/hdb is a 40 gig
/dev/hdc is a 80 gig for music storage
/dev/hdd is a 120 gig western digital for ftp server

my question is how do I make the connection to the internet (clickable on the desktop??)

thanks for any and all help...

did you read any documentation before posting?
I'm not sure if this is right but I think you can assciate Netscape browser or Mozilla with your dial up modem. So that when you click on the icon it will bring up the dialer. I'm very new to Linux So bare with me. I just started running Red hat 8.0 and love it.

Ok First you have to find your dialer i'm not sure what your using. I know I use to use Kdialer, I think that's what it was called. To make it an Icon on the desktop, you have to know what the command line is in a shell. So to find that out, all you have to do is go into the red hat menu(in windows it would be called the START button" right click on the dialer and choose "PUT INTO RUN DIALOG"...this will show you the path to where this program is. knowing where it is half the battle....Now, once you know....right click anywhere on your desktop and choose "NEW LAUNCHER" place the path to the program or use the brouse button, choose and ICON, and your done...... I hope this is accurate...And I hop this help you. biggrin.gif
You do really need to read some documentation first. But if you're really impatient, you can check out kppp which is a nice gui internet dial-up program for KDE (should be still accesable through Gnome GUI).
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