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Full Version: Giving Access To Myself?
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i have RH 9.0 running on a machinei just built.
But i cannot find out how to give myself access to the folder im tring to untar/unzip whatever a file in. im kinda new at this so ill just tell you everything you might need to know.
i did
useradd net
wich created /home/net
then i went to it
cd /home/net
put a file in it from the floppy drive
mount /dev/fd0 /home/net
the file was a .tar.gz
then i entered this command
tar zxf e1000-5.0.43.tar.gz
and when i did i got these errors:
cannot change ownership to uid 501, permision not grandted or something like that.

how do grant permision?
Next, you need to give net a password ... like this:

passwd net

Then you need to mount the floppy as root ... like you already did...

then you need to become the net user ...

su - net

Then you can copy the file to the net users directory....
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