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Full Version: Hello, I'm New ^^
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I figured I'd introduce myself, because I have the feeling I'm going to be here a lot laugh.gif

I used Windows for years, and just recently switched to Linux to escape the evil spyware that was giving me popups and locking my computer up. So I have no idea what I'm doing, and I have the feeling I did something wrong in the installation, because I can't get a number of programs to work, including the configuration program dry.gif I'm using MandrakeLinux.

I'm going to browse the help topics now biggrin.gif See ya cool.gif
Welcome to the forums Serra, my name is Corey and i'm one of the admins of the website. I hope you find the information you're looking for, and if not, feel free to post a specific question in the Technical Support forum so our team can help you as best we can. We know that the majority of visitors here are beginners, so we go by the motto that no question is too dumb to ask. As i'm sure a lot of people have found, there are some help sites/forums/chats out there that just want to make fun of new users and yell at them to "RTFM!!", but you won't find that here.

I hope you enjoy your stay.
Thats the reason why I love this play, we aren't all a bunch of elitist (fill in profane noun here). We love newbies because thats one more person on our side, we recognize that if we don't help you excape from the horror that is Microsoft, you might go back. So we are very helpful and always friendly in our advice.

Welcome aboard, and I hope you enjoy your time here.
Even after 6 years, i still consider myself a newb tongue.gif
Dude, there are only like three things I am good at, everything else, no idea.
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