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how to install Tv tuner in fedora core1? i have Expert Tv - PVR 878 tv card
There are 2 really good TV programs that I recommend.

One is MythTV - it is good for recording and playback, but can also be used for live veiwing. It uses lots of resources and saves the stream to disk even for live playback.

The other is TVtime - This one shows the info but doesn't record.

There are others...but these both work well.
The easiest way to install these on FedoraCore1 are to use yum or apt and freshrpms (actually, from at-rpms site and the dag site). There are 4 site (at-rpms, dag, newrpms, and freshrpms) that provide RedHat packages via Yum and Apt ... these site work in conjuction with each other to provide several 3rd party packages.

You can also keep your system updated using apt and those 4 sites like this:

Install apt for FC1 from the freshrpms site (the top rpm).

Download the file and install via the command:

rpm -Uvh

Then edit the file /etc/apt/sources.list and replace it with the following:
# Fedora Linux 1
rpm fedora/linux/1/i386 core updates freshrpms

### Dag Apt Repository for Red Hat Fedora Core 1 (rhfc1)
rpm redhat/fc1/en/i386 dag
rpm redhat/en/i386/fc1 newrpms

rpm fedora/1/en/i386 at-stable

After installing issue these commands to get all the latest updates:

apt-get update
apt-get dist-upgrade

Then issue this command to install TVtime and MythTV.

apt-get install tvtime mythtv

That should install both programs...tvtime should run as is ... mythtv will need to be setup via the website directions:
TVtime is great when you want to emulate a real life tv, that is the focus of the project. Most likely, if there's a feature on your tv, then it will be included in the project. If it's not already there and you think it should be, suggest it to the developers by fileing a bug report, and chances are, if it's a reasonable request, it will be included in the next release. The author of tvtime is a pretty approachable guy and is always wanting to add features that are included in most televisions.

MythTV is great as well, but is a PVR, which means that it focuses more on "Tivo"-like functions (pausing live tv, tv show grids, etc.). I use both of these programs in my daily use. MythTV for scheduling records of tv shows, and tvtime for live tv viewing.
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