I am trying to create a secure public access point to a government application written in ingres running on SCO. I have installed linux, ssh and the bare essentials.

When I ssh to the SCO server, it tells me that my terminal does support function keys. It also does not map the pretty lines that make boxes. I do not want to run X (so I can't use xterm) because I don't know how to lock down a box with a GUI.

The .profile on the SCO box looks like:
stty intr "^c"
stty erase "^?"
tput smpch
eval `tset -m linux:${TERM:-linux} -m :?${TERM:-linux} -e -r -s -Q`
exec app

I found what I think are valid entries for the linux console (terminfo-lnx-on-sco) and have run 'tic' to get an entry in /usr/lib/terminfo/l/linux

I have what I believe are valid entries in /etc/termcap and $II_SYSTEM/ingres/files/termcap. I monkeyed with creating $II_SYSTEM/ingres/files/linux.map (it is just a copy of xterm.map).

I have been searching google for 3 weeks now for some sort of solution, and I still don't think I understand how the hell all this works, so I can't even apply basic problem solving techniques to test each component to see where the problem might be.

Does anyone out there have any pointers?