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Full Version: Read/wite/execute Permisions On Vfat Hdd
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I have two hard drives, one for operating systems, etc and the other for personal data.
Both hard drives are mounted in fstab but my second hdd(data) will only give read acces to users, fine with root.

I have tried chmod 777 /home/richie/data (the mount point for the drive) after SU to the root user but am told:

chmod: changing permissions of `/home/richie/data' (requested: 0777, actual: 0755): Operation not permitted

Why is this, I thought the root user had permision to pretty much change anything, and how do I give user richie read/write/execute acces to this drive?

I'd like richie to be the owner of the drive, but get a simular message using chown.
Please help, I'm sick of windows and am despratly trying to get to grips with Linux(and really liking it at the moment to).
You can not change the mount point permissions when the filesystem is mounted.

You need to add the umask=000 option in the /etc/fstab entry for hdd like.
/dev/hdd /home/richie/data vfat users,umask=000 0 0
Worked perfectly, Thankyou you have saved me hour of fiddleing around and getting no were. wink.gif
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