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Full Version: Onscreen Logging - Dumb Question
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My firewall developer is on vacation - he setup our iptables linux firewall on penguin box

our ISP was abruptly changed and we have to change IP...we have instructions on how to do this but right now...every message (packets coming, going etc etc) are continually logged on the screen (as well as to a file)....since the info keeps rolling up the screen, can't enter the commands to update the new IP

What is the command or keystrokes to temporarily stop the onscreen logging (and for good measure how to turn back on)

thank you !!!

What is the linux distro?

Looks like the log is displaying to the console ... no real easy way to turn that off. (other than stopping the syslog ... the command on most linux distros is:

/etc/init.d/syslog stop.

If that doesn't work, you might try another console ... press Alt-F2 and log into that console and see if the logging goes there as well (sometimes logging is only to the 1st console).

Another thing to try is to go to single user mode, make the changes and then reboot ... going to single user mode should turn off the firewall and the syslog...on most linux distros, this would be accomplished with the command:

init 1
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