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Full Version: Suse On Emachines T3256 ?
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Hey Guys,
I'm looking to setup my first Linux machine. I've already purchased SuSE v9.1 professional. I was hoping the documentation would provide more information on compatible computers but the SuSE site primarily lists compatibility with individual cards or servers.

What are the odds that I'll have problems running Linux on a "stock" machine? Is it something I should even be worried about. BTW, there is a 15% restocking fee if I return the computer so I want to get this right.

The specs are: AMD Athlon XP 3200+ Processor, 512KB L2 cache & 400MHz FSB, nVIDIA nForce2 chipset, 512 MB DDR (PC 2700) memory, 160 GB HDD, nVIDIA GeForce4 MX graphics, and nForce 6-channel Audio. Complete specs available at

Thanks in advance,
Jim McGee
The potential problems I see are the nforce2 chipset and the audio.

I think the nforce 2 issue is solved in the 2.6 kernel series in SUSE 9.1 ... and SUSE 9.1 also can install the propreitary NVIDIA drivers on the first update on the web via Yast, so you don't need to download the drivers directly from NVIDIA.

I'm not sure about that specific audio, but the Nforce2 has built on audio that works in the 2.6 kernel. In the absolute worse case, you spend $30.00 and buy a new SoundBlaster live PCI card, and everything else should work.

heh, i got that same machine, and for some reason, i don't know why, sound doesn't work, and installing drivers doesn't help. so far, i've tried suse 9.1, gentoo, slackware, debian, solaris, and freebsd. i've used the drivers in the kernel, as modules and built in, and i've used nvidia's driver. NOTHING i've tried for the past week and a half has gotten anything more than the internel speaker to beep. as far as listening to MP3s, and movie soundtracks, or even KDE's default sound scheme, forget about it. maybe i'm doin something wrong, but i've tried everything i could think of, and everything google could find, and nothing works. stay away from this computer, dude. get an HP desktop if you don't want to build your owm
I actually said that the proprietary sound card might be a problem ... BUT a cheep sound blaster live card should solve that issue.
> i got that same machine, and for some reason, i don't know why, sound doesn't work

Hmm, didn't see this post until AFTER I purchased the machine. I'm currently letting it burn in for a few days with the default WinXP that came loaded on it. It also allows me to confirm that all the hardware is working properly while it's still virgin.

I'll repost once SuSE is loaded. If the sound doesn't work I'll try putting in a sound blaster. I've got to open the case to install a second hard drive - at that point the warranty is toast anyway.

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