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I changed my monitor display from 800*600 to 1024*768. It told me I had to reset (or something along those lines) and now when I boot it get's to the end of the mounting and what not-to the place where it should come up with NVIDIA (my graphics card is NVIDIA) but my screen go's blank and the lights on my monitor start flashing (I have a DIAMOND VIEW-these lights are used when ajusting brightness, screen position and what not). What should I do?
I guess that you need to configure your video card properly.

Hughsjr has written a nice guide on that..checkout this link.

Or else you can read this post also.

it is not really very enjoyable for us to write same thing over and over again.
In reguards to the link you gave me, it says that the commands should be entered into the terminal windows. My problem is it doesn't display any graphics. The only things i get on my screen is all the writing as it loads (something like 'bring up ppp interface <OK> or something along those lines). When all that finishes it go's blank
You'll need to get your system to boot up in runlevel 3 (text-only mode), as the lights flashing on your monitor mean that it isn't capable of displaying in the chosen graphics mode.

This is done by passing 3 to the kernel at boot-up. How you go about that varies from distro to distro - on recent versions of SuSE, it's as simple as typing 3 in the bootloader screen.

1) What Linux distribution are you using?
2) Does the bootloader show a boot menu when you switch on (just before 'all the writing as it loads')?
Redhat 9.0 (is that the latest-I'm a noob to linux). And yes, it does have the boot menu (I have both linux and windows install, and when i boot it gives me the option to either go linux or windows-if that's the 'boot menu')
i'm very very new to linux, about 3 hours old.. i'm using suse 9.1 personal.. and i have that problem with display.. i can only choose resolutions =< 800x600... how can i change it to 1024x800?.. i'm blinded with to big icon here..

Ok, at the boot menu, you need to press 'a,' which will display the kernel arguments. Then you can add a '3' (after a space!) and press ENTER to boot. Your machine will then boot up and give you a text login prompt.
Does that then place me in the terminal so I can directly give it inputs?
Also SuSER-Do you have to problem when you change the graphics to 1024x800 that the screen go's blank? Also-does it pay to remember what everything is called?
Does that then place me in the terminal so I can directly give it inputs?

Yes, that's right
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