To set up my cd writer I've used the following pages:

CD Writing
CD-Writing HOWTO

The problem I've encountered:

I've tried multiple combinations of setup options. I've set it up by using modconf to install all necessary modules, then edited modutils (modules.conf) and passed the 'ide-cd ignore=hdx' option. Alternately, I've also used the 'append="hdx=ide-scsi"' within lilo.conf. As well, I've tried combinations of these two setups, yet only one thing seems to work. That is, adding the append line to lilo.conf, then running the script found in the CD-Writing Howto (Section 2.1, labled "Listing: Testing for drivers") every time the system comes up. Anything else causes me to get an 'invalid block device' error, and the command 'cdrecord -scanbus' doesn't show the drive.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've spent hours on this problem several times over and really don't have any more ideas.