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Full Version: Installing Suse 9.1 Pro
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At the moment I have a 160GB HD and am running XP. I've partitioned (10GB and 150GB) it with Partition Magic 8.0 and I'm wanting to install SuSE Pro 9.1 onto that partition.

I have the dvd-rom and have booted off of it but when it comes to the installation I'm stuck. As it looks to me it's trying to install it over my XP install on my first parition. Being the complete newbie that I am I'm not sure what to do. I really don't know what I'm doing and I plan on learning as I go along.

How do I install it onto my partition and are there any other steps I need to take to get this to work?
I don't know what the SuSE installer looks like anymore so I will try to just give you some general advice that will help you out.

First, your best bet is to delete any partition you have on that 10 gigs of space your leaving for Linux. SuSE will format it and break it up according to what it needs when it gets there.

Second, here is a quick run down of the naming scheme for partitions. Your hard drive, pending its attached to the master slot on the primary IDE cable, which is most undoubtably is, will be called hda. Any partion on it will be a number, so your NTFS partition for windows should be called hda1 if its the first partition, which is probably is. So keep an eye on that, if its going to edit hda1 abort. You were smart to abort before you made a mistake that couldn't be fixed.

Third, any linux distro is going to need at minimum two (2) partitions. First, obviously somewhere to put the files. But second, less obviously to people new to linux, is something called swap space. Think of it like ram on your hard drive. Now you probably have a pretty slick system, so I would wager you have at least 256 MB or RAM if not more, if thats the case, you don't need anything more that 512 MB for your swap space. After that, the rest of the 10 gig chunk you left is yours to de as you wish with.

You might want to take a look at my guide Creating a Linux Drive to get some more ideas.

Other than that, the only other thing to know is that when it wants to install a boot loader, either Grub or Lilo, it will want to install it to the MBR of hda, now that will over-write the windows boot loader, but thats an egg your going to have to break to have a working linux system, unless you want to create a linux boot floppy and be searching for that every time you want to boot up SuSE. And don't worry, it can always be restored later.

Hope that helps you out, feel free to ask any more questions you would like. And with that Ladies and Gentelman, hopefully I am back.
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