I've installed Win2k on my primart master drive "/dev/hda" and Linux on the secondary master "/dev/hdc" and I'm having problems installing LILO on the superblock of hdc.

I've copied the bootsector from the Linux using:

dd if=/dev/hdc1 of /bootsec.lnx bs=512 count=1

Then I copied the bootsec.lnx to c: and referred it in the boot.ini file.

I'm prob mixing up the terminology but I want to install Lilo only to the superblock ( or MBR ?? ) of the Secondary Master drive. So if, for instance, I recompile a new kernel, etc, making a backup of vmlinuz and referring it in LILO is much easier.

my best guess for the lilo.conf file would be:

delay=300 # or whatever value

I want to make sure it only installs on the secondary HDD and does not effect the primary's MBR.