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Full Version: Can I Run Linux On This Computer?
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I have an old comp w/Win 95, 850 MB hard drive, 8 MB RAM, Pentium 1. I was looking at Mandrake or Knoppix.
The latest version of most distributions require as a min 128MB of RAM so Mandrake and Knoppix are out of the question.

There are small distributions but your not going to be able to run a GUI. Can you upgrade to at least 16MB?

Here are several suggestions.
Maybe one of these as well:

But 16mb RAM would be required ... and 32mb RAM would be better ... and a working CDROM as well.
I'll check those out; and I have a CD-ROM drive with a whole 4X read speed ohmy.gif . If I wait a while, then I'll be able to put Linux on this computer I'm using, but I have to wait 'til my parents buy a new one; putting it on now would get me killed.
You could always just get a copy of Knoppix and play with that, allthough I sense that you already are.

Installing any of the light weight linux distros is a good idea on that computer not just because of the low HD space and RAM but because of the slow processor, you don't want to bogg it down with all the nice (but all togeather useless) GUI bells and whistles like transparent windows and animations. I hope you can get it running, its always nice to see another computer brought to life with Linux.
I think I read it in an ebook, but a version of unix requires min of 8mb ram, 650mb free space and can't remember processor. Is this the only computer you've got (if it's a second computer take the cdrom out of your better computer <if it has one> and temporarily put it in you crappier one <if possible>)
Not taking the CD drive out of my new computer, 'cause the point of not putting it on this one is because my mom would kill me. Therefore, I don't think she'd take kindly to me ripping out the CD drive.
And one of those links, this one, (chosen randomly) states that it needs 2 megs of RAM.
It says it's consol based. I'd assume that would make it somewhat difficult to use
Hey, I just got a surge protector yesterday (since the old one had been stripped for something else) and fired it up today. Now, poking around a little before putting Linux on it, I found that apparently someone had upgraded the RAM to 40 megs, and partitioned the drive. Who did this, I have no clue, but can I run a better Linux now, or is my Pentium 1 75MHz processor still holding me back?
EDIT: I noticed that KNOPPIX has a requirement of 20 megs for text mode; should I use that?
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