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Full Version: Httpd.conf
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I modified my httpd.conf file and now my domains aren't showing up. I have reset things to their original state, but still no luck. I am afraid I possibly created problem because I assumed WINscp would transfer conf file in ascii but it used binary. Can anyone give me suggestions?

Thank you.
Looks like my Apache won't restart. I'm a dummy.
A binary transfer of an ASCII file is ok. I will make an assumption that you edited the config file via windows. If so, you created a problem but it isn't due to winscp. A DOS ascii text file uses a different end of line character then a linux i.e. CRLF or in hex 0x0D 0x0A vs linux which only uses a 0x0A character. To convert a DOS to Unix file you can use the following command.

sed -e s/'r'// yourDosFile > newFile
you can also use the dos2unix command:

dos2unix <filename>

of course if you want to convert a unix file to a dos file format you use the following:

unix2dos <filename>

these 2 commands are usually installed during a linux installation.
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