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Full Version: Modifying Idl Path In Bash Shell?
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I'm a newbie to Linux and am attempting to modify my pathway in IDL to allow me to run a data reduction package in IDL. The directions for this this process are given for a .cshrc file, but I use a Bash shell. How can these directions be modified to allow me to use them? I've included the directions below. Thanks. -Kathy

Edit the .cshrc file to include the line

setenv IDL_PATH +/packagedirectory:$IDL_PATH

where /packagedirectory is the path to the package directory
(e.g., /scr0/irtf/Spextool).

If there is no IDL_PATH defined in the .cshrc file, then include the

setenv IDL_PATH +/packagedirectory
This is simple actually...the .cshrc file creates a environment variable with name IDL_PATH and exports it..

You can achieve similar thing in bash by editing the file ~/.bashrc and enter following line:
export IDL_PATH

where /path_to_package is actually the directory where you have installed IDL.
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