i have a cable network system also runing on isa server 2000 and windows advance server 2000.
i also have a penta@value dvb card for downlink, a rockwell ext modam for uplink and a lan card 10/100 on p4 server
i did not satisfy security and accalration of isa and want to switch over linux squid system.
any body help me how can i install linux 9 red hat for best scurity and accalration.
which linux component is best for my system. and what is safesquid and squid-2.5 stable, and how can i install and use.
in my network 50 users, one proxy server and one media server.

i want
a server for browsing (a downlink of dvb card a uplink ext modam 56k a 10/100 lan card for network)
a sever for chat (a ext modam 56k a 10/100 lan card)
a media server (10/100 lan card)
plz any body help me for my system.