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Full Version: Keyboard Lockout! **!help!***
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heya, first off im a n00b to linux, got it installed 2-3 days ago on my machiene. this morning i put the Apache surver into the startup so i could start leaning PHP. MySQL, etc etc...but now whenever it goes to the command-line login i can enter my login name, but when it asks for the password my keyboard is locked and the only button that works is 'enter'...i would REALLY appreciate anything you guys can do to help, and if format is the only option then so be it...i dont really have anything inportant on there yet.

system specs on linux:
Linux Slackware current version
AMD K6 300MhZ
168mb of RAM <<192 installed, MOBO only recognized 168>>
150mb swap file partition
ATI 2MB on-board vid card <<!crys about that one!>>

p.s. if ne of you feel the need to send me random computer parts i'd b more then happy 2 take them. chances are they're gonna b better then wut i got right now, lol. dry.gif

Please don't be insulted if this is not the case.

In a virtual terminal, after entering the username and being given the password prompt, no characters, asterisks, or cursors or anything else will be printed to teh screen until you hit the enter key. This makes it harder for someone watching you type to even see how many characters are in your password.

Are you sure that the keyboard isn't working? Is it possible that you're just not typing the password correctly? Have you checked your caps lock key?

Again, if this is not the case, sorry, but I don't see how you could lose all keyboard mapping between the time you enter the username and receive the password prompt, yet still have your enter key work.


Jim Dishaw
thanks you so much! biggrin.gif
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