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Full Version: Debian Woody Help For Noob
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my desktop wont load when booting.....i get;

EE ynable to find valid framebuffer device

EE screen found , but none have usable configuration

dont know the errors.

when i get to configuration screen for display mouse keyboard..the grey one,i can actually make changes...i can move by num pad but mouse dead and clicking configure mouse locks me up and i have to hard shutdown*cringes*

any advice...remember im a noob and dont know hgow to get around or commands at all,ive been following step by steps on net.

also how can i scroll up to see the errors on boot.I see em but cant get back up to them to view them.I saw one "cant mount file system" or sum shit like dat

thanx in advance
forgot to mention this is first install of linux ever and i used the 7 cd+2cd extra iso's from debian ftp.Everything installed fine except kde pakages..all broke and wouldnt i did gnome2 without says no updates left or installs nothing broken,so i think im good cept for above errors which im sure has to do with my visiontek gf3 vid card and the newest drivers,source,kernel,which i dont know how to install,that i got from nividia

one question more....i see /etc/?????? everywhere i go,i know there directoris but how do i get
Also logs and cfg files that are in these directories,how do i open them without a desktop to configure them ?

ok rephrased question;

can i get help makeing my desktop enviroment work on this newly installed distro to brand new hard drive ?
All things seem to be working and i even did the apt-get to aquire all updates and install.

im useing gnome2 cause kde seems to always be broken and wont fix,not from cd nor internet,after i get desktop enviroment working with gnome2 ill fix kde................anyone????
If you just want to view the files that are in the /etc directory just type this from the command line: ls /etc

to view what is contained in the file just type: cat filenamehere

all of that is done from the command line

i actually went out and bought "linux commands" book;)
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