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I just installed Mandrake 10, and just about everything seems to be working great.
Everything but certain avi files that is. Most files work fine, mpg and avi.
But certain files, usually from the same source(s) will only play for a few seconds.
They work fine under windows.
The codec is supposed to be xvid, and that's what xine reports as the 4CC.
Other xvid files work fine.
This is true both for files I've downloaded since I've installed linux, and older files on my windows partition.
I've tried installing a new version of xvid, to no avail. However I have no idea wether the new version is being used in playback.
New version of xine/xine-ui as well. (note: I compiled/installed xine before xvid)

Any ideas what could be the problem?
well, you could just try VLC or Mplayer... i'd recommend VLC. great player when it comes to compatibility.
Just tried that, I get a segmentation fault when I try to play one of my "special" files, although other work fine.
can anyone tell me how to install codecs like Xvid and stuff like that in linux.. cause i can't deal with compiling/insalling a file.. isn't there a rpm file for this codecs???
I ahd trouble playing AVi and found apparently MDK10 has some probs with lib files from new.
So..inorder for xine to play DVD/AVI/MPEG video type files I did the following.
If this is your prob give it a crack otherwise - dismiss.

Step by step info to run xine
You need to download the xine engine (libxine). Get the libxine rpm which more closely matches yourCPU:

libxine1-(version)-xxxxxx.i586.rpm for Pentium/Pentium MMX
libxine1-(version)-xxxxxx.i686.rpm for Pentium II/III/IV
libxine1-(version)-xxxxxx.k6.rpm for AMD K6
libxine1-(version)-xxxxxx.k7.rpm for AMD Athlon

If you don't know your CPU just get the i586 package.

Download curl library. Some distros ship older versions, but xine-ui requires at least version 7.10.

curl-7.10.3-1.i386.rpm http library (used to download skins)
curl-devel-7.10.3-1.i386.rpm get this if you ever need to recompile xine-ui.

In case of trouble visit curl main download page.

Download xine-ui:

xine-ui-(version)-xxxxxx.i586.rpm for any CPU.

Install the packages (you need to be root):

# rpm -U libxine1* xine-ui* curl*

If you want full DVD support download and install libdvdcss:

By default, xine expects to find your DVD-ROM at /dev/dvd. Creating a symbolic link to your device is recommended (for example, /dev/hdc or /dev/scd0). The command below should work for most users:

# ln -s /dev/cdrom /dev/dvd

If you want full Windows Media Video and Quicktime support download and install:


If you want full Real Media support download and install:

RealPlayer9- newest version, or
RealPlayer8- older version (if you have problems instaling RealPlayer9)
obs: Depending on your distro, you might need /usr/sbin/update-alternatives
Type 'xine' at your console window and enjoy...

To try an experimental Netscape/Mozilla plugin using xine to play embedded videos, download and install:

xine-mozilla-plugin-(version)-xxxxxx.i586.rpm xine plugin for Netscape/Mozilla.

This plugin was not officialy released, it might hang/crash/freeze/burn. in case of trouble just uninstall.

Hope there is some help in this.

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