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Full Version: Newbie: How To Tell Which Processes Are Running
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I have been experimenting with RH 9 and Fedora 2 dists, but am a real newbie with Linux. (Experience with Unix, and Xenix 20 yrs ago, but MS ever since) There is a short list of things i cannot figure out how to to.
How do I tell what processes are running (like task manager in MS Windows)?
Once I see what is running, how do I shut a process down. I am having a lot of trouble getting Apache to run, and I read somewhere that it won't work if NFS is running. I think NFS may be running, but I do not know how to tell and if so, how to shut it down, or how to keep it from loading in the future. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
that will list your processes... i usually use "ps aux" or "ps ax" (read "ps --help" or "man ps" to figure out what the options do)

look for the PID (Process ID) column that ps gives you then type "kill <pid>" or "killall <program name>" (killall apache, for instance)

as for keeping a program from launching on boot... i have no idea how to do that in RH. i've never even downloaded RH never mind installed it wink.gif (and the last time i used Mandrake was four years ago)

good luck...

oh, hop on IRC and check out #redhat (or #linux for very general help... they'll most likely refer you to #redhat for a lot of stuff, though)
I've never had a problem with NFS and Apache running at the same time but then it might be specific to RH 9. You can use the system settings to select which services start at boot time. Did you select Apache when you installed the OS?
I selected 'web server", it doesn't specify Apache in the setup. I didn't actually know what I was going to end up with. The real problem I am having is getting Apache running - I cannot save any changes to the config, (saving that problem for a separate post) I am looking to eliminate anything that might be interfering with it.

"ps aux" creates a long list of things I don't recognize and a few I do - any idea what the NFS service is called, or how to find out what all these processes are?
nfs is nfs.
There might be a clue in the log files located at /var/log/httpd/. You need to be root to access the logs.

You also need to be root to modify config files too.

In a console window log in as root using the su command. Then type in the following command:
service httpd start

Post any errors.
Thanks - starting Apache isn't my problem, its configuring it. Just to stay on topic I am posting a separate article on my Apache problem.
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