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I am new to linux. I had windows and had nortons internet security installed. I noticed that it didn't state that this internet security worked on linux. I looked at Micro Center for some kind of internet security for linux ...but found none... my two questions
does nortons have internet security for linux?
if not.... who does?
your Linux PC is much much safer on its own than a Windows machine will ever be with all security software installed;

by design, Linux is much harder to compromise by an Internet hacker (i do not know all the details, but there must a reason why for example Google and Amazon run their servers on Linux)

viruses, spyware, adware and Trojan horses so well known to Windows users just do not run on Linux so you really do not need any spyware/adware blocking software;

it is still possible to rely a Windows virus to someone (if you receive an infected e-mail and then forward it to a Windows user; the virus will not harm your PC but it will get passed on to the Windows machine); try to google "Bit Defender", they make an anti-virus progam for Linux so you can make sure that you are not passing the viruses to other people;

hope it helps

if you're REALLY paranoid you can try googling for "packet sniffer" programs... but i'd suggest just making sure you have a firewall on your router to keep out malicious crackers (no, that's not a racial slur in this context =P)

as for virii... just don't open any emails that you know are virii wink.gif
does nortons have internet security for linux

No, it is built in smile.gif.

Norton Internet security is a software firewall. The program iptables is also a software firewall.

What distro and version of Linux did you install?
I installed Suse 9.1 professional
I also have knoppix but I stopped using it once I installed the Suse
On SUSE 9.1, go to yast, then select Security and Users, then select firewall to configure the built in firewall.

Anti-virus is not normally required ... but there are a couple versions out there that should work.

ClamAV, F-Prot, BitDefenser are all anti-virus products that can be installed ... ClamAV is what I use on my e-mail servers and it comes with SUSE 9.1 Pro. Just go to yast, then software, then Install / Remove Software, then search for clamav.
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