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Full Version: Connecting To A Windows Based Network
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Not sure if this should be in the Fedora Core Forum or here. I have recently changed to a Highspeed internet service and cannot connect while using Fedora, i was able to use my dial up conncetion, but now that i have the network setup and running through a windows box i cannot connect. I have a router on order and was hoping this would work, but in the meantime i would still like to get online before it gets here. I cant use the dial up anymore since we cancled the account. the network shows up and i can access the shared files on the windows box but can't access anyinternet sites. I am running a 1.4 ghz celeron (sad i know) and have a linksys 10/100 net card connecting to a 1ghz win xp machine using the same linksys card.
You need to configure the windows box for Internet Connection Sharing then setup Fedora to point to the windows box as the gateway. By default the windows IP addres will be
thanks, i will have to do this with router too or no?
dont mean to sound like a total idiot but i have ionly been on linux about a month. But i figured it out about an hour ago thanks to a post on a differant forum. but it is much apreciated, i wish i had known it woiuld be that easy.
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