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Full Version: Remote Server Connection
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I am running Windows XP Pro on my local machine. I need to connnect a remote Unix web/email server in order to manage/edit/create/delete some pop3 mail boxes.

I am not familiar with Unix and command line interfaces and wish to do this job using a graphics based windows client.

I am familiar with Windows XP Remote Desktop Connections which I use to administer my Windows web server but am stuck on this Unix issue.

Can anyone suggest what client software (free preferably) i need to run on my XP machine in order to connect to my remote Unix server and carry out mail server admin.

(I have full username & password & IP for accessing the Unix server, tested this on telnet and connection works)

Thanks in advance

you can use either vncserver on your linux server and realvnc, i believe thats what the name is, for your windows machine. this way the connection between server and client is not encrypted.

or you can tunnel your xserver connection through ssh for a secure encrypted connection.

both of these ways assume you have x configured on the server.
Thanks for your advice.

In that case I will find out what server support there is available for x viewers.

Thanks again

if the mail server is on your local network inside a firewall you shouldnt have any trouble running
the vncserver setup with winvnc setup on your windows computer

still very confused...

I found out the following:

Unix Version - FREEBSD 3.5.1
SendMail (SMTP server)
qPopper (POP3 server)

I have run RealVNC viewer on my local XP machine.This could not connect to the Unix server establishing that X is not running on the server.

I can log on to the remote Unix server via SSHPro v2.6 running on my local XP machine. However i dont have the knowledge to get any further with mailbox management from here.

Can you suggest anything or point me to any resources that may be of help.

Thanks for your time!

Kind gregards

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