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Full Version: Installation Problem Of Mandrake 10.0
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Here is my story. I used my best computer to install the Mandrake 10 into the hard drive of my old computer. Everything was fine. After I brought it back to my old computer, it won't bring me to the Linux window interface any more. Always stuck to the DOS-like interface. The begining of the initiation was fine, but at the end of it the screen blinked several times and go to the "DOS" interface. Is that something wrong with my vedio card? Because my old computer is HP celeron 500MHz.
Sorry about this noob question b/c I'm really new at this but I would like to learn.

Thanks and any help is appreciated.
Hi, This happened to me once because I was messing around. (OK I'll admit it, I am also reatively new) Here is what worked for me: when you get the "DOS" type command prompt you should type your user name, hit enter, next type your password and hit enter and last type "kde" (without the quotes) and hit enter. That should get you back to the graphical interface. Then you should go to the "Configure Your Computer" and then to "Boot" and "Auto Login." Make sure you have selected to "launch graphical environment when system starts." That should do it unless there is something really weird going on, in which case you'll need someone who knows more than I do.

Hope I was able to help.

It sounds like you have a different video card and/or hardware on your older computer. You need to do reconfigure your x windows to work with your old computer's hardware.

try logging in as root (from the console mode when booting on the old computer) and using the command:




to setup your video card / monitor combo

Whenever possible, install the system on the PC it is going to be used on, otherwise issues like this may happen with other drivers as well (like USB or motherboard chipset drivers).
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