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Full Version: Initial Installation - Invalid System Disk
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Hello, I'm getting stuck at the very beginning of the installation. I downloaded Mandrake 10 and I put the first disk in (I tried the others incase I miss numbered them) and I got the message "Invalid system disk" . My system I want to put it on is a Latitude (DELL) laptop. I got the impression that you can start from a formated harddrive and install linux. THe problem with the system is that I can't have the floppy and the cd rom at the same time. I have been running a Knoppix version on it fine and I hooked it up the the DSL and I'm going on the internet (using the Knoppix version)- so I know the hardware will all work once I get it on - I just can't get started and it's bug'n me big time - help ! THanks!
Red Hammer
try your disks on another computer.
it could be that they failed to write properly (some drive/software combinations can be tempramental)
Thanks for your reply. Yea I tired that, and my system was set to boot from the cd, but it didn't reconize it was a "system disk" -"a bootable disk". THe Knoppix cd seemed to boot up just fine. I download Red HAt and got the same results a few months ago. Do you think my burner is not burning it correctly and if that's the case what burner would U sugest? Thanks !!! huh.gif
Are you sure you are burning the ISO files as an image and not just copying the files to the CD ...

Are you burning the files via windows or linux ... what program are you using?
I have had problems installing Linux on several machines due to CD read errors too - I found that if I use blue dye CD-Rs I'm fine, but yellow and yellow/green ones are troublesome - the wierd thing is that this only seems to be a problem with Linux - the yellow CDs read fine under Windows but give miscellaneous read errors under Linux - even on the same hardware so it's not an issue with the actual CD reader; the only thing I can think is that the different reflectivity of the yellow CDs PLUS some timing issues with the core Linux CD drivers makes the combination more fussy about media types, but that's speculation on my part.

I've tried re-burning ISO images to blue and yellow CDs and then comparing the dicsc under Windows and the compares have worked fine but Linux spat them out.

I found that if I got a read error during install, ejecting the CD and then putting it back in and retrying usually moved things on - but now I carry round a WBEL install on blue CD-Rs.

Thanks for your reply smile.gif I had those kind of problems with those cds that loook like vinyl and others too. I didn't notice the color at the time- I'll go back and take a look. So what brand and stlye would u sugesst? Thanks!
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