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Full Version: Putty Problems -- Setup
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I have decided to go learn something meself! and am taking a UNIX class (they use redhat valhalla). Students are required to hook up to the UNIX machine at school.
Now at school we hit start (they use windows), go to powerterm (ericom's terminal emulator), and then telnet to the UNIX machine. At home, we're told to use puTTY. I'm using Mandrake 10 at home and I downloaded the only UNIX version of puTTY I can find (on the main puTTy site). I need this because
telnet: command not found
ssh: command not found
I can't even find them to stick them in my $PATH, if that's my problem.
So I downloaded the UNIX puTTY, untarred it, went to the "unix" subdirectory like it says, typed "make -f Makefile.gtk" like it says and my computer has no clue what to do and gives me error messages, basically doesn't know what to do with the gtk stuff. It seems not to know what to do with a certain file under "unix" called be_all.c
What do I do? I don't want/need graphical hookup. I can ftp all I want, but I cannot get into the UNIX machine to do the homework (sample, I had to "who" and write how many users were on at the time). Ssh is the way, but this puTTY thing is driving me batty.
if you have Mandrake installed at home, it should have the ssh client installed already. I don't think I have ever done a recent install where ssh wasn't installed by default.

In mandrake 10, as root in a terminal window, issue this command:

rpm -qa | grep ssh

The output should look like this (the version numbers might be a little different, but those 2 packages should be installed):

If those packages are not installed (at least openssh and openssh-clients), issue the command:

urpmi openssh-clients openssh

(or you can use mandrake control center to install the packages with the GUI)

Even to use putty, you need openssh installed ... and when you install openssh and openssh-clients, the ssh command should be available, so you should be able to connect without installing putty.

I think the putty was recommended as a free terminal for the Windows users.
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