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Full Version: Whoops, Installed Linux On Existing Partition
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to start, redhat 8.0 is great. it installed wonderfully in a multiboot enviro with win2000 and the interface and everything is way better than i expected.

i messed up though. going back into windows i found i couldn't view my directories with either "my computer" or windows explorer. each program would freeze so i'd have to end the task. i can still use windows programs and check my email and everything, i just can't look at the drive/partition/directory listing in any format except partition magic. unfortunately part-magic throws two #114 errors that it can't fix, and then labels my entire 2nd drive as "BAD".

after doing some reading, after the fact, i realized that i wasn't supposed to install linux on an existing partition, but rather find or free up some unpartitioned space and use that.

too late though. before i get into data recovery methods, any tips on reverting what I did? or perhaps "realigning" the start/end points for the lost drive?

1333 processor
768 mb ddr ram
40 gig drive with win2000 and redhat 8.0
80 gig drive with only inaccessible data

parition magic errors:
"... error 114 on the partition starting at (XXXXX) on disk 2"
"the EPBR is not positioned at the beginning of a cylinder"
unless you can find some software
that can recover lost data....

for example if you fdisked/formatted
you hard drive on accident. they make
software that can recover the data...

but in the not sure if such
software would work....

my best guess is it is lost and you
have to re-install a bunch of stuff
to fix your problem...

starting with windows...

sorry ....
norton disk doctor to the rescue. $49 US but it cleaned up the mess i made.

it fixed the bad disk (found like 800 errors or something), and with part-magic i was able to restructure everything, and get it ready for a proper linux install.

hopefully i won't be back after the new install smile.gif
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