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Full Version: How To Open And Edit ?
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ohmy.gif Hi ! This will be simple for all u Linux doctors....I need to open and edit some .ini and .cfg files on our server and then save changes... I know its lame for me to not know how to do that...but im 1 step closer every day smile.gif
Thnx for helping me ..
Xedor ph34r.gif
There are several different text editors included with linux, depending on the distribution you have on the server. After logging in remotely, try open the files with either "pico" or "nano".


pico /etc/filename.cfg


nano /etc/filename.cfg

Both of these editors are almost identical. After making the changes to your file, you can save and exit by pressing Ctrl+X, then press Y to save changes, and then "Enter" to accept the current filename.

If neither of these are available, you may have to use the vi editor which is included in every distribution (or at least should be). Vi is a little more trickier, but the basics are this:

Open the file:

vi /etc/filename.cfg

Enter into interactive mode by pressing the letter 'i'

After making the changes to the file, press "Esc" to go back to the 'command mode'. Then you can save and exit the program with the following command:


(that's colon+w+q)
wink.gif Thnx....u are the best....nano and pico are not on our redhat base server...but vi command works....and i remembered that guy seting up our server used that is another problem...when i type vi /etc/filename.ini or vi /etc/filename.cfg it opens blank and i know there should be something writen in these files...becouse i saw our "linux friend" add some lines in to them...and those lines need modification....But its inposible for me to change them if file opens and there is nothing writen in it...
SORY for bothering you....If you have a solution to my me again....AND YOU WILL GET MY BLESSING smile.gif tongue.gif

Xedor ...your Linux noob
What file are you trying to edit? Extensions are only for convienence in linux and you probably will not find any *.ini files. Some files have extensions and some do not so you really need to know the exact file name.

The file used to tell the OS what filesystems to mount is called fstab
The samba (smb protocol) is called smb.conf.
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