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Full Version: Uable To Get Mobile Ip6 Starting After Patching
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After installing the patch file for mobile ipv6 and corresponding linux kenel version (ie mipv6-1.0-v2.4.26.tar.gz and linuix-2.4.26.tar.bz2 ), I am unable to start mobile-ip6:

/etc/init.d/mobile-ip6 start

The following error occur

"Starting Mobile IPv6: [FAILED]

Status : mip6_ha module is not installed

Steps regarding mip6_ha module are not stated and could not be found on the internet.

I would appreciate advise on how to activate the mobile ipv6. Thanks.

Using Linux Redhat 9.

Our configuration is similiar to the testcase as mentioned in;

Having 1 pc configured as mobile node, 1 pc as a HA+Router and 1 pc as the AR.

Using the steps provided by the u/m link;

We are able to patch the files linux-2.4.26.tar.bz2 and mipv6-1.0-v2.4.26.tar.gz and perform a

# cd /usr/local/src/mipv6-1.0-v2.4.22
# ./configure
# make && make install

by modifying the /usr/local/src/mipv6-1.1-v2.4.26/src/mipdiag.c file.

Modifications are;

#define IFA_F_HOMEADDR 0x10

(We do not understand the above modification)

However, when we reach the step to start mobile-IP, we encounter an error;

# /etc/init.d/mobile-ip6 start
Starting Mobile IPv6: [FAILED]


"mip6_mn module is not installed" error message appeared on the mobile PC/node

"mip6_ha module is not installed" error message appeared on the home agent PC/node

We would greatly appreciate if we can get advise on the a/m problem so as to get our mobile ipv6 started and running.Thanks.
Typing error it's

# cd /usr/local/src/mipv6-1.0-v2.4.26

and not

# cd /usr/local/src/mipv6-1.0-v2.4.22
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