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Full Version: Samba Access Problems
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I have a CentOS 3.0 server running Samba, but I am getting frequent errors that deny access to users in the workgroup. The error says that access was denied becuase a duplicate name exists. Changing the computer name does not necessarily make the error go away, and even if it does it is only a temporary fix, since the same computer will get the error again. Another funny thing is that the error is not consistant. A reboot sometimes fixes it and sometimes accessing the server from the same computer via a different path works, i.e reusing the drive mapping tool in My Computer, locating the drive in My Network Places again or doing both at the same time. I have it set to share level access so no user name or password are required. Pleas let me know if additional information would be helpful. Thank you. smile.gif

you should check the /var/log/messages.log file, maybe there is a hint to a file or something

if I have problems with samba (electrical failure) ... it's mostly file corruption , simply deleting the file fixes it (10/10 for me) but be carefull, I think that this is a possibility in your case, but first check your messages log, and see what is written before or after the error , some file name maybe, something is not able to read or write something, or something is corrupted

Robert B
Well, I took a different tack and installed Redhat 9 on a different machine, because I thought the problem might be with a slow HD and processor; however, the problem remains. It has been confined to 2 machines running Windows XP Pro, both are Dell Optiplex Gx 110's, one at 700Mhz the other at 800Mhz. The problem was centered in the 4 Dell Optiplex Gx 110's that are on the network, but two of them cleared up, one after I changed the computer name and the other for an unknown reason. All 4 have the same ethernet cards from 3Com, which have the most up to date drivers. All 4 run Windows XP Pro, and the two that still have problems, sometimes cannot "see" all the computers in the workgroup. This problem has me completely stumped, because I cannot determine where the problem lies. I have changed my focus to an internal Windows problem, but am still no closer to a solution. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
Well, I think that I finally have the problem solved. Apparently, I did not get my information on setting up Samba from the right place, because on the website, it says "All TCP/IP addresses have been hard coded." So I set gave all computers on the network static IPs and everything worked. Hopefully, this will help somebody avoid the frustration that I had with this problem. unsure.gif blink.gif mad.gif huh.gif wink.gif smile.gif laugh.gif biggrin.gif
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