Edit: Ok, I got my card working, now I just have to set it up, I tried for 2 days to get it working and finally going in the right direction, If I need any more help I will ask, thanks. You can delete this post now if possible.

Yes, I am a newbie. I have Red Hat 8 installed and its running great, one thing, Not recognizing my NIC. It is on a sony pcg-f650. My NIC is by Netgear but unluckily they don't provide Linux drivers for all of their products and that includes mine, a FA410. It detects the card but it just blinks on and off blink.gif so If anyone can reccomend anything it would be very much apreciated, I am in a rush so if you need more specs let me know. Please try to keep it as simple as possible I am very new to Linux but I am liking it. And thanks!