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I have been trying for a long time now to find a good beginers book on Linux but so far with no luck. I have bought, Learning Red Hat Linux, Linux in No Time and Linux in Easy Steps as well as the usual assortment of magazines. None of these expalin how to install software from a cdrom which seems a reasonable question for a beginer. I was looking at some books a few days ago, well eight books actually in my local book store, all of which were for beginers but none explained about loading from a cd. Most of these will tell the beginer to make use of the Man pages, however to use these pages you have to understand the language of Linux(which a beginer probabley wont). Please can someone help me with this. Thank You.
What kind of software are you trying to install from a cdrom? Which Linux distribution are you running? Is the software on the cd in RPM format (do they have an rpm extension) ?
I am running Mandrake 9.2 and the software is the cd's that come with the Linux magazines. They usually load from the Mandrake SoftwareManager but when I try to install manually nothing happens. I follow the installation instructions in these magazines but they never seem to work. But my real problem is the lack of a good book on Linux. I am in the process of learning the various shell commands but when I look in my copy of Learning Red Hat Linux to see what these are for there is a section headed "why learn to use the shell?" which talks about American Sign Language but dosn't accually awnser the question it poses. Let me put it this way. If you dont know anything about computers and you get one the first thing you do is buy a magazine which usually will have a cd so you pop the cd in the tray but nothing happens. Then of course you buy a book, a Beginers Guide but after reading that ...... well it just seems very odd that something as basic as that can be ignored by so many of these Guides. I used to use XP but gave it up after a couple of Mega bug related crashes, also I was not learning anything.
Book Review list
This is where I go before I buy a book on Linux . The reveiws are great and they haven't failed me .
Hope this link narrows down the search some more .

There is also a book called " Linux for the rest of us" , the second edition just came out on Sept 15 2004 . and I am going to get it as soon as I can find it here locally . ( supposed to be excellent for newbies )
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