hello, been using linux for quite some time, and decided to give RAID a try on my new server.

I have a Compaq Prosignia 740 with an Adaptec AAA-133B RAID controller and 4 Seagate ST118202LC
10K RPM drives.

I set up the card for RAID-5 with 3 drives and the 4th as a spare.. verify and initialize the array. It says everything is okay with that.

I load Slackware 10, with the Adaptec.s kernel. it picks up the card and the drives fine
Problem is, that Slack is picking up all the drives individually instead of as one array. /dev/sda - sdd all work and i can even format them and install the OS to an individual drive if i desired to.

also, none of the dev/mdx entires are working.. get an error that says its not a block device.

I use Windows alot more than Linux for servers (personal prefrence) and ive always assumed that the card handled all the RAID stuff and as far as the OS could tell, it was just talking to a standard volume.

Is there someting software wise i must set up for the RAID to function? or is there just a configuration issue with my Adaptec.

Thanks alot!