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Full Version: Login Startup
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I am very new to linux but I have a simple question. Whenever I log on the computer as root it automatically starts X-Window. I would like it to stay at the command line, mainly because this is going to be a test webserver, meaning I need all of the horsepower I can get out of it. Also - what would I call this problem, just for future reference?
It is called runlevels. There are 6 runlevels
0 - halt
1 - single user mode
2 - multi user without networking
3 - full multi user mode
4 - unused
5 - X11 i.e GUI
6 - reboot

Some distros different. You need to edit the /etc/inittab file and change the runlevel from 5 to 3.
That about answered 16 other questions I had also. Thank you very much.
Didn't work. I even saw that it said "switching to runlevel 3". X-Window started up. The same desktop that startx brings up.
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