Hi all!

Peterborough, Ontario here....

Um, I am setting up a new HP Compaq Proliant ML570, 8GB Redundant RAM, Ultra3 160 Adaptec 7899 RAID Controller

On the RAID Controller are 10 36GB Drives in a single RAID5 - seems fine

On the Internrnal Controler are two 36GB Drivers w/software (linux) mirroring, on port 0 and an external HP Ultrium 230 200GB DLT Drive on port 1

Everything is ok but due to some weirdness, whenever we try to access the tape device, the system locks up solid - i mean solid...

(SCSI1:A:6:) parity error detected in data-in phase. seqaddr(0x1a3) scsirate(0x93)

and thats all

I've checked the cable, its good. I've checked the connectors, they're solid....

any suggestions or experience would be greatly appreaciated!!

Dan / Jakyll