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Full Version: Nic Card Problem
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I am having significant difficulty getting network connectivity through Linux. I am using a Toshiba Cable Modem PCX2200 from Cox. Originally I connected the modem via USB port to my pc because I didn't have an ethernet card. I had connectivity but the problem with this (I think) was some sort of conflict with the usb controller because I had error messages sent to the command line every 5 seconds or so .. extremely irritating. I could fix this by turning off the network adapter by going through the GUI, but then obviously, I couldnt get on the Internet. I even tried redirecting the error messages to a file with no success. A few weeks ago, I got an old NIC card, a 3COM900Combo-based ethernet adapter, thinking this would solve the problem by not using the USB port. Well now I can't get connectivity period. I am using the same configuration in Linux as I am in Windows. Linux sees the card, knows what it is. The card is listed on Red Hat's HCL page and says the drivers are included in the kernel and have been for years. I've gotten quite frustrated and would appreciate some help please!
your network card probably isn't in the startup script.

Try /etc/init.d/eth0 start and see what happens.

You might need to look in the /etc/init.d folder if its named something different. If you can get that to work, than we can add it to the start up script.

If it tells you that its already running, run the command ifconfig and see what it kicks out. If you don't have an IP address run ifup eth0 and see if it can retreive one.

See where that gets you.
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